Webinar – 10/12/2020 – Tech Tips & Tricks for the Google Maps Platform

Are you using Google Maps within your implementation but have no clue how it works, where to find the information about your usage -broken down by functionality- or where to change or secure the API key you are using? Do you want to verify and assure yourselve only your organization can use this key on your behalf? Join our session!

The Google Cloud Platform console is often seen as a complex system, where it’s hard to find the information you are actually looking for. Join our first Tips and Tricks session to get a tour around the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Greet Van den Spiegel will explain how to access, manage and analyse your Google Maps Platform usage in the GCP. 

Secondly Alexander will explain more about the security of the Google Maps APIs, the different options to secure API keys and how you can apply this. 

After the security tips and tricks, Birgit will tell you more how to customize maps; what it is and how you can add your customized Google Map in your application! 

At the end of this webinar there is of course some time for additional questions.

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  • Welcome to this Webinar
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Secure API Keys
  • Manage Usage
  • Customize Maps
  • Q&A


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