We’ve Launched Our Rocket!

We are thrilled to announce our brand new company ‘Localyse Workplace’. Our mission is to become a trusted advisor for organisations in their transformation to a secure and fully digitalised workplace. Let us tell you our story!

The Importance of a Digital Workplace

Just as technology has become a crucial part in our personal lives, the tech environment in the workplace is of great importance to the employee experience. At Localyse Workplace, we believe that your employees are the most valuable ambassadors for your company. They influence the public’s perception of your brand and their impact on the customer experience is crucial.

Enterprises have to prepare for what’s next. Prepare for a future that will be inspired and led by digital natives. Equip your workforce with platforms and tools that find a good balance between freedom, productivity and a secure way of working.

70% of the workers don’t work at a desk every day. They rely on user friendly platforms that unleash productivity and collaboration. That’s where we bring value to an organisation.

Tailored to Your Organisation

With combined 25 years of experience in implementing workplace solutions, our team has helped many organisations breaking the status-quo. Now we are ready for the next step: starting a new company that provides customers with workplace solutions that meet their strategic objectives, business goals and KPIs. That’s what we call ‘solving for value’. To switch the focus from the answer to the question, and to double check that each solution we position makes sense for YOUR organisation.

We Meet You Where You Are

At Localyse Workplace, we tailor solutions for any organisation, non-depending your industry, size, IT legacy or even the average age of your workforce. This reflects in a versatile solutions portfolio:

  • Secure platforms enabling user productivity and collaboration
  • Plug-and-play meeting room solutions, from booking rooms to video conferencing
  • Easy to use social intranet enabling employee communication & engagement
  • Solutions for mobile and remote working, from MDM to Chromebooks
  • User adoption, Change Management & Workplace Transformation consultancy

Apart from our strategic partnership with Google Cloud, many new partnerships and solutions will be evaluated and added in the near future. So stay tuned!

Let’s celebrate!

We would love to celebrate our new adventure with you! Come and meet us at Google Brussels, 2nd of June 2020 in the afternoon, for an inspiring Localyse event about Workplace, Cloud and Maps.

Preregister and secure your seat here

About Localyse

Localyse is a Premier Google Partner in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Working with 60% of the largest companies in the region for Google Maps, Localyse is expanding its strategic partnership with Google by starting a new company focusing on Workplace Transformation. Today Localyse employs 20 professionals with a customer base of more than 350 organisations.

Questions? Drop us an email at workplace@localyse.eu and we’ll get in touch with you!

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