The Acer Chromebook 314 – C933 with Chrome® OS

What if working on the go was never a real challenge?

Safe and always connected

The Acer Chromebook 314 – C933 with Chrome® OS gives users the ability to securely connect to the Internet anywhere. The LTE modem provides good speed and coverage in places where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or not present.

Acer Chromebooks 314

It is also a safer alternative to public Wi-Fi networks. Installing the SIM card is as easy as with a smartphone. Place the SIM card in the LTE slot, then insert it into the Chromebook and you are ready to connect to the internet.

The Chrome® OS operating system also offers protection at every level. Automatically updated every six weeks, so you always have the latest security features and fixes.

The LTE modem in combination with Chrome® OS makes working on your Chromebook extra safe. Chromebooks are therefore very suitable for government, healthcare and construction workers, where classified data comes together.

What is under the hood?

  • Built-in LTE SIM card modem allows users to set up a wireless Internet connection via a SIM card without the need for Wi-Fi.
  • Powerful Intel® processor and fast storage via the eMMC memory.
  • A 14 inch Full HD non-glare IPS screen
  • Tested and approved to military standards for drop and impact resistance.
  • Lasts longer than a working day with up to 12.5 hours of battery life.

Interested in knowing if Chrome Enterprise is a solution for your company? Get in contact!

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