Whitepaper: Localyse, a life changer for Jumbo

Supermarket chain Jumbo has taken its IT communication to a higher level, while at the same time significantly improving manageability.

Jumbo has, since February 2021, chosen for the Chrome enterprise solution after an extensive Proof of Concept. This means: 450 Jumbo locations were equipped with Acer Chromebooks with optimally applied Chrome Enterprise Upgrade software licenses to give the entire IT communication a strong boost.

How Localyse boosted Jumbo’s IT communication? Why Jumbo chose Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise? All the advantages of this success formula between Localyse, Acer and Google? Discover this and more in the Jumbo-Localysis whitepaper!

Curious about the full success story? Download the whitepaper: “Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade: a blessing for supermarket chain Jumbo”

Localyse and Jumbo, a long-term relationship!

Localyse and Jumbo are no strangers to each other. In addition to integrating the Acer Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, Localyse also provided:

  • solutions for various location challenges via the Google Maps platform
  • Different Cloud solutions for the extensive marketing analytics team within Jumbo
  • Google Workspace integration, where we ensured a clear and efficient access management for Google Data Studio and other analytics documents.
  • implementing ReCAPTCHA Enterprise, an additional Google Cloud product, which protects the Jumbo website from fraudsters, spam and other abuse.

Curious why Jumbo chose Acer Chromebooks for its 450 locations?
Discover it in our latest Localyse white paper

Jeffrey Benning

Country manager Netherlands

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