Why ‘near me’ searches is a ‘near you’ opportunity

As Google Maps premier partner we always look for trends and news from Google and intent to filter news which are most relevant our customers. Here we have got a great post from Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of Marketing who explains why “near me” intent is a “near you” opportunity for our customers:

Looking for something nearby – a coffee shop, noodle restaurant, shoe store – is one of the most common searches we do.

In September 2015, we shared that “near me” or “nearby” searches on Google had grown 2X in the previous year.2 Now, just two years later, we see that behavior has continued to change. Make no mistake, people still use ”near me” to discover places of interest around them. But we’re now seeing a shift toward dropping location qualifiers (like zip codes, neighborhoods, and “near me” phrasing) in local searches, because people know that the results will automatically be relevant to their location—thanks to their phone. It’s kind of magical. In fact, this year, search volume for local places without the qualifier “near me” has actually outgrown comparable searches that do include ”near me.” [see data]Over the last two years, comparable searches without “near me” have grown by 150% [see data].4” 

Over the past two years “near me” increases, but at the same time we see that the searches are using less ‘zip code qualifier’. Those searches declined by over 30%. The logical evidence: Local relevance is expected, but not always requested.

  • How do you adapt your adwords strategy to this?
  • How do you provide location relevant information to your mobile website visitors?

Contact us to and talk with us about how to adapt a good location strategy for your customers!



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