Will floating car data help solve our global congestion challenge?

ODIQ article in “Traffic Technology International”

According to Karen Vancluysen, secretary general of Polis, “Air pollution, congestion and road safety are the top three priorities for our cities. Reliable data is a key resource to enable sound management in these three areas.”

Over the past year, Localyse, a Belgium-based technology company, has been engaging with the ITS community by means of its traffic management tool Odiq. “The idea for Odiq came through our focus on mobility,” says Chris Hoogwys, managing partner of Localyse. “As a Premier Google Cloud partner with a focus on Google Maps, we are interested in leveraging Google technology to help solve complex problems. Traffic congestion, reachability analysis and multimodal route planning are examples of the problems Localyse helps to solve.

Mobility challenge

Belgium and the Netherlands are both densely populated countries with a tremendous mobility challenge. Reducing congestion is high on the agenda for both the government and the private sector.

“Among the early adopters of Odiq are cities, including The Hague in the Netherlands and Namur in Belgium, institutions such as Traffic Service Nederland, construction companies such as BAM and mobility consultancies, among them Stratec. Every one of these organizations has a vested interest in improving traffic flows and reducing congestion,” says Jeffrey Benning, country manager for Localyse in the Netherlands.

ODIQ is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Traditionally, acquiring accurate traffic data has been heavily reliant on roadside infrastructure and human effort. Today, accurate traffic information is also available via an internet connection.

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