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Address Validation API

Provide users with a streamlined experience for entering, validating, and correcting addresses during signup, checkout, or shipping. The Address Validation allows validation and correction of address inputs with Places data powered by Google Maps Platform.

The challenge of address entry

At the heart of many of these challenges is a single, often overlooked challenge: entering an address.

Simply put, a lot depends on getting addresses right. It has a direct impact on the experience of your customers, their lifetime value (from returning customers vs. lost customers through failed deliveries), the efficiency of your operation, and even your brand’s reputation.

With the address validation API of Google you can:

  • Improve conversion with a quick and frictionless checkout process
  • Display the inputted address for visual confirmation
  • Improve accuracy for billing, shipping, and delivery
  • Correct and confirm user-entered addresses
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Challenge #1: Checkout

Sign-up and checkout friction

  • Address entry is slow and error-prone
  • Mobile devices make the problem worse
  • New accounts and shopping carts are routinely abandoned as a result—as high as 70%
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Challenge #2:

Failed and delayed deliveries

  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Lost revenue
  • Increased customer support calls and costs
  • Lost long-term customers
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Challenge #3:
Fraud risk

Failed payments & refunds

  • Need an efficient way to verify identities at account sign-up
  • Costs and risk complications when proof of address is not used, or is inaccurate
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Address Validation API fixes this

Here are the most important benefits of using the Address Validation API

Designed to identify address entry errors

Address Validation API mitigates inaccuracies by detecting address entry errors, reducing delivery mishaps.

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Helps users make adjustments before submission

It allows users to correct addresses before submission, saving time and enhancing user experience.

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Enriches addresses
with missing data

The API fills in missing address data, boosting accuracy and optimizing logistics efficiency.

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Autocomplete saves time & reduces errors


Use case #1

Retail and E-commerce

Address Validation is right at home in retail and e-commerce, where it makes it easier to correct addresses proactively and better predict delivery challenges. In turn, this reduces failed and missed deliveries, minimizing costly complications in the process.

In the process, it improves customer experience as well, reducing checkout friction by offering consumers easy address corrections.

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Use case #2

Transportation and Logistics

By enriching addresses with new levels of precision, transportation and logistics can benefit as well. Drivers can save time, mistyped addresses can be identified and corrected more easily, and couriers can be routed more reliably to the customer’s door.

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