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Customer  Journey

Companies sell products and services through various channels. Some have booming e-commerce, others deliver in-store experiences or a combination of both. Every step in the customer journey has interesting location data opportunities. Whether it’s gathering information on buyer location segments -what sells best in which region- or using location-related buyer behaviour to launch a hyperlocal marketing campaign with personalised offers. Location data intelligence allows you to be top of mind of your local customers and assures:

  • A better understanding of your target audience

  • Better visibility on location-based search activities

  • Location-based interactions with your audience

  • Increase of sales

Company processes

​Company processes are a typical use of location data. From optimising route- delivery, asset management and workforce-planning to reducing customer support, delivery errors and fuel consumption. Location data has the potential to:

  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  • Raise productivity and efficiency
  • Save operational costs
  • Motivate your teams

Customer Experience​

Branding and customer satisfaction is all about understanding their journey and enriching their experience. Location data intelligence and accuracy enables you to improve your customer happiness. Think about delivery times and options, track & trace, accessibility via maps or even on-premises navigation or custom map integration. All weigh heavy on a (potential) customers experience. We’ll help you map out all digital and physical journeys and define potential areas of improvement to raise your NPS and gain:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Frictionless user (customer) experience

Business Insights

Nowadays most data have a location component, but few companies use location intelligence to validate their decision-making process. Research shows that only 30% of the companies work with location data, so 70% doesn’t operate at their full potential. We help you unlock your location data potential by co-relating your data knowledge to geospatial data, giving you actionable insights delivered through analytics and dashboards. Grow your business and stay ahead by turning reactive into proactive decision-making. We’ll help you enrich your business strategy via:

  • Untapped location data sources
  • Real-time actionable insights
  • Predictive analytics

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