Localyse is the Google Premier Partner and reseller of the Google Maps Platform in the Benelux. Google Maps Platform consists of building blocks (Products/APIs), which have endless possibilities to be combined and to be used in your own solution. You can also use them for your public website, for example as a store locator. Combining these building blocks gives you endless possibilities to distinguish yourself from others.
Because Localyse is a Premier Partner of Google, we are standing on the forefront of new technologies, products and innovations. Our goal is to always remain in direct contact with our clients, so we can help you to correctly implement the Google Maps Platform and to make full use of all the benefits. We will assist you in your native language, and you will be provided with your personal assigned contact-person.

What can you do with Google Maps Platform?

  • (Reverse) Geocoding, converting addresses into geographic coordinates
  • Get directions from A to B!
  • Find the users position or right location
  • Enable asset tracking of all kinds of assets
  • Calculate drivetimes with or without current traffic situation
  • Vizualise and style the full look of Google Maps
  • Request Google reviews of Points of Interests (POIs) to publish on your page.
  • Provide local information of POIs such as openinghours, phone number etc.
  • Simplify address entry on for example checkout forms
  • Enrich transactions with location data
    … and many more!

Enjoy the benefits of Localyse as your Google Maps Platform partner.

The price list contains various price tiers, defined by the volume of requests per service or API. Whenever you decide to use your credit card as a payment method, you will be given access to only the first two tiers. As a Google Premier Partner, we can grant access to all, in total, 7 price tiers. Our pricing sheet is divided into 3 sections: Routes, Places, and Maps. Download this sheet on your right hand side.

  • We can provide volume discounts
  • Get support in your native language
  • Enable billing, without a credit card needed
  • We serve several Google products, for example: Google Cloud Platform and Workspace
  • Always stay up to date! On a regular basis we provide you new insights and creative ways to combine the different Google Maps & Cloud products.

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