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Google Maps Platform

Localyse is the Google Premier Partner and reseller of the Google Maps Platform in the Benelux. Google Maps Platform consists of building blocks (Products/APIs), which have endless possibilities to be combined and to be used in your own solution. You can also use them for your public website, for example as a store locator. Combining these building blocks gives you endless possibilities to distinguish yourself from others.

Because Localyse is a Premier Partner of Google, we are standing on the forefront of new technologies, products and innovations. Our goal is to always remain in direct contact with our clients, so we can help you to correctly implement the Google Maps Platform and to make full use of all the benefits. We will assist you in your native language, and you will be provided with your personal assigned contact-person.
Google Maps Platform

What can you do with Google Maps Platform?

… and many more!

Google Maps Platform in use for Monizze

Initially, Monizze sought assistance from a different provider, only to discover a lack of adequate knowledge and expertise. Monizze then partnered with Localyse, who began by conducting a thorough evaluation of the Google Maps APIs implementation. This review quickly revealed numerous opportunities for enhancement. Localyse swiftly carried out the required optimizations, leading to the creation of a user-friendly and intuitive Google Maps clustering.

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Google Maps is way more powerful than you think. Behind the navigation services hides a world of powerful applications that makes your business a powerhouse.

In this free whitepaper, we’ll show you some surprising use cases of Google Maps!

9 benefits of working with a Google Maps Partner in 2023
Notifying Google About Changes in Google Maps

Why we love Google Maps Platform

Imagine unlocking all the capabilities of Google Maps. That’s what Google Maps Platform was made for. Depending on your use case, combining the different Google Maps API’s is the key to success, if you ever feel stuck implementing the Google Maps Platform API’s in your website or app, Localyse is the solution!

Why you should work with Localyse for your Google Maps Platform needs

… and many more!

What they've achieved

Thanks to Google Maps Platform & Localyse

Allard Hansma

Allard Hansma

Head of Marketing & Sales @ Greenwheels

Greenwheels experienced a 60% surge in app bookings after launching the app in 2016 and doubled their customer database in two years!

Erik van Laar

Erik van Laar

Product Owner Campercontact

Campercontact got a more user-friendly expierence, with using Google Maps Platform APIs. We went from a Google Play rating 2,1 to a 4,0!

Maxim Vaz Dias

Maxim Vaz Dias

Head of Sales & Marketing

The route optimization enables a more efficient workflow that yields an average 23.5% reduction in the number of delivery runs using Solutions 4 Delivery’s POS system.

Lisa de Vreede

Lisa de Vreede

Product Manager

We have strategy meetings with Localyse where we discuss the problems we see, or opportunities, and afterwards we discuss the possibilities. It is a meeting with creative thoughts to come up with new mobility solutions.

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