ODIQ helps you improve access to locations, due to a smart check and route optimization analysis for areas all over the world. ODIQ has the all latest date traffic information at its fingertips, enabling better decision-making regarding traffic situations. During roadworks, ODIQ is a helpful tool to optimize and evaluate traffic situations.

ODIQ uses Google Maps. With 2 billion active users per day, Google Maps contains a treasure trove of traffic information. ODIQ monitors, analyzes and visualizes the traffic situation at various different locations along a route. You indicate which days, periods and locations you want to include in the analysis. The travel times, speeds and delay times are subsequently shown in different kinds of graphs, including a spectrogram with Street View.

5 features that make ODIQ unique

  • It is the only tool that uses the information from Google Maps and therefore has a rich database with both real-time and historic data at its disposal.
  • Gain insight into the traffic situation on all the roads you indicate, including motorways, national or provincial roads, and local roads.
  • The tool can be used all over the world, including international routes, so it is not limited to geographical borders.
  • ODIQ is online and build with Google Cloud technology, so it is fully cloud-based and can be used anywhere & anytime!
  • In a spectrogram of distance versus time, there is an option to take a closer look with StreetView locations

First aid in rerouting

Use ODIQ for:

  • Mapping alternative routes in the event of roadworks
  • Monitoring high-traffic bottlenecks
  • Investigating the accessibility of specific locations, such as airports, major events or a city.
  • Analyzing rush-hour traffic patterns
  • Identifying long-term changes in travel times
  • Monitoring the effect of roadworks or traffic measures, such as the installation of a traffic light
  • Analyzing the formation and progression of traffic congestion
  • Identifying shortcuts
  • Comparing travel times on alternative routes
  • Identifying the effects of delays on routes
  • Checking the impact of events on traffic

ODIQ is the perfect tool for government organizations, utility and road construction companies that want to monitor accessibility and improve it where they can, for contractors that want to show that their interventions have had a positive impact on traffic, and for traffic experts who want to analyze traffic situations in context.

Enjoy the benefits of using ODIQ for traffic management.

  • Gives detailed real-time traffic information every 50m (164ft)
  • Allows cities to visualize and interpret traffic flows based on Google Maps FCD
  • Reduces the need for additional sensors to be installed
  • Supports decisions to improve safety, reduce pollution and cut costs
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