Managing Google Business Profile (before Google My Business) for a multi-location company is a difficult and sometimes a tedious process. Google is the dominant player in search. Therefore, for your business it is absolutely important to manage your locations fast and with as little as possible manual effort in order to be present in all relevant searches of your potential customers.

Localyse, as your local Google Maps Premier Partner, is always in search for the most convenient solutions available on the market. Our solution will help all our multi-location customers like Picnic, Albert Heijn, Parkbee, Q-park, ING, Randstad and Fletcher Hotels . Thanks to our deeply embedded relationship with Google’s Business Profile location content platform, we are able to submit updates to your listings fast and easy.

Outsourcing your Google Business Profile Management means saying goodbye to manual updates, verification errors and welcoming an optimized management of your listings on Google Search. Localyse is capable to submit updates to your listings fast and easy. Get an accurate grip on all your locations in order to provide your customers with the most up-to-date location information regarding your shops (e.g. coordinates or categories). Work with one central location to unlock your location data in bulk to all map providers (Google, here, Apple, TomTom..)!

Use Location Management to get an increase of:


of appearances on Google Business Profile


of reviews on Google Business Profile


Centralized Location Management

Managing multiple Google Business Profile pages at once is a timely process which requires detailed knowledge of Google’s platform.  The location management solution offers a centralized service integrated with Google’s architecture via the latest Google Business Profile API. Localyse’s Google Business Profile Manager, acts as a single point of contact ensures listings are correctly claimed, verified and published.

Quick Submission and Updates

Our smart location management tool is connected through the latest API which allows us to correct or update your listings with tremendous speed. Updating your local listings on Google Business Profile is an easy job. Just send us a flat file containing your listings, or use our proprietary API. Please contact our team if you are unsure about how to properly ingest your locations to our database.

Save time. Enhance your quality

Localyse’s experts have knowledge of Google Business Profile management properties and processes. Through the quality checks of the smart location management system, we not only make sure your location data has 100% accuracy, we also decrease your time spent on Google Business Profile Management. Our location management tool, on average, spends 4 minutes per POI, how fast are you?

Manage and analyze your Google Business Profile

With our solution you get the advantage of measuring how effective your location marketing is. With the KPIs Actions and Impressions, you can assess the effectiveness of your local marketing efforts by taking a deep dive into customer behavior. You are able to analyze how many people viewed your locations on Google Maps or how many people navigated to your stores with ‘get-to-directions’ and calculate your Return On Investment based on your Customer Lifetime Values.

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