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How to bring Google’s turn by turn navigation into your own mobile applications

Many people are familiar with and rely on Google Maps as their preferred navigation tool. Nowadays, when navigating to a destination, a majority use Google Maps on their phones or in their vehicles. However, if you’re developing your mobile application, you may need to direct your users to Google Maps to chart their route. This changes with the introduction of the new Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation SDK.

This new feature enables you to integrate the trusted Google navigation within your application directly. By doing this, users no longer need to exit the app. It also means the developer no longer loses valuable interaction data simply because their users are switching to another application.

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This new feature enables you to leverage the Google routing engine, which you’re already familiar with from Google Maps.

As in the original app, this SDK doesn’t just fine-tune routes; it immerses users in a detailed map view that highlights their current location, adds journey progress, and provides intuitive on-screen and audio directions for navigating.

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The navigation solution utilizes live and historical traffic data from Google Maps, automatically suggesting routes that bypass congestion and alerting users to upcoming traffic disruptions along their chosen route. Users can opt for alternative routes if congestion arises or a better alternative is available. Furthermore, the navigation sdk automatically adjusts navigation to the destination if an alternative route is selected.

Incorporating Google Maps into your mobile app fosters ongoing engagement in your application and prevents users from switching between applications. Designed to cater to a variety of services, from ride-sharing to food delivery to package deliveries, Google’s navigation solution is engineered to streamline your operations and keep your users satisfied, all within the convenience of your app. This professional approach ensures that every interaction with your application is smooth, satisfying, and perfectly aligned with your product requirements.

Features of turn-by-turn navigation SDK:

  • Optimized Routing: Experience reduced travel times with Google’s smart routing algorithm that finds the most efficient path.
turn-by-turn navigation SDK
  • Precision in Estimated Times of Arrival (ETA): You can enjoy greater arrival time accuracy, making planning more reliable.
  • Shareable Journey Details: Keep 3rd party actors in the loop by sharing your trip progress in real-time.
  • Speed Monitoring Alerts: Stay safe with alerts that notify you when you exceed the speed limit.
  • Customization with Markers and Branding: Personalize your map with custom markers and incorporate your brand’s identity.
  • Route Preferences: Select your preferred route based on speed or distance to suit your travel needs.
  • Intelligent Destination Arrival: Ensures you arrive at the appropriate side of the road for easier access to your destination.
  • Support for Two-Wheeled Transport: Where available, optimize routes for motorcycles and scooters.
  • Awareness of Road Restrictions: Navigate with knowledge of any applicable road restrictions, ensuring smoother journeys.
  • Data Insights for Analysis: Access valuable data, including vehicle location, updated ETA, and distance to destination, for comprehensive trip analysis.

Google Mobility Solution

Are you looking for more features? Google’s Mobility Solution provides you with in-app turn-by-turn navigation but also offers many more features. For example, it makes it easy to implement tracking a delivery vehicle in real-time and displaying the fleet on a dashboard at a dispatch center. It can also give your customers a real-time estimate on the arrival time of a package.

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Interested? Localyse can help you understand the details and features of this exciting new product and how it can improve your business.

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