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Localyse achieves Google Maps Platform Mobility Partner status

Localyse achieves Google Maps Platform Mobility Partner status

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Localyse: we now support Google’s new Mobility services and join a select group of Google Mobility Partners worldwide. The Google Maps Mobility Platform has huge potential for applications in a wide range of mobility use-cases – including ridesharing, taxis, on-demand delivery, last-mile delivery and field services. By achieving the Mobility Partner status, Localyse has proven its exceptional delivery capabilities and success in integrating the mobility services in the daily business and tools of its customers.

Mobility is defined as the movement of people, goods and services. Google has spent years helping developers do it better. Mobility is a growing challenge in every industry: customer expectations raised during the pandemic are now the norm, profitability has never been more important during economic uncertainty and with carbon emissions on the rise sustainability is essential for organizations active in the field of deliveries. 

Google Maps Platform Mobility services are collections of Google Maps Platform services that you use to run and optimize transportation and logistics operations for your business.

With its Mobility Solutions Google is elevating every step of the mobility experience from fast and accurate address entry from your customers to the optimization of your fleet performance:

  • Addresses & Location Context: The Address Capture capability is a Mobility toolkit that incorporates two primary APIs: Place Autocomplete API and Geocoding API. These API’s solve a number of common problems with delivery addressing: undeliverable addresses, inaccurate address entry from consumers, and the need for adjustments to point-of-delivery locations. It enables your customers to identify the best pickup or drop-off points for easier ridesharing meetups and more efficient deliveries. 
  • Route Planning & Dispatch: The Route Optimization capability in Mobility is a toolkit that incorporates Routes API, Routes Preferred API, Directions API, and Distance Matrix API. It offers enterprise-level features that solve the problem of finding the optimal order for drivers to complete their tasks. It enables your users to book a ride or place an order with fast, accurate route and ETA calculations and reliable pickup points, using the Google Maps interface they know and trust.
  • Driver Routing & Navigation: Integrate the familiar Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation into your apps with features such as two-wheel vehicle routes and live traffic. This reduces the inefficiencies and distractions caused by switching from the driver app to a navigation app and elevates your drivers experience. 
  • Task Tracking: With the Shipment tracking capability, you can provide consumers with real-time tracking of their delivery state for an improved user experience and increased delivery success rate.
  • Fleet Analytics & Debugging: With the fleet performance capability, you provide fleet operations and support teams with visibility into the state of your driver fleet, including real-time positions, ETAs, routes, and completed and upcoming tasks. It also provides insights into your fleet to better optimize performance.

The Mobility services come with a predictable pricing per successful transaction (e.g. trip-based or task-based) instead of the priced per API call model of the traditional Google Maps Platform. 

“We are proud that we can now also offer the capabilities of Google’s Mobility Services to our customers to help them improve their operations and streamline both the customer and driver journey, along with a predictable pricing per successful task. At Localyse, we’re committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our clients. Our partnership with Google Mobility Solutions is a testament to that commitment, and we’re excited to embark on this journey together”

Bart Suy, Managing Partner of Localyse. 

How Domino’s delivers pizza with the drop of a pin to almost anywhere

Discover how Domino’s pizza uses Google Mobility Services to offer Pinpoint delivery and make the experience more dynamic. Customers do not have to type in an address any longer. 

Within the Domino’s app, customers have the ability to drop a pin, place the order, and have the driver meet them wherever they are, even in a park that has no address!

Get in touch with our location-based services experts to discuss your mobility requirements and explore how our mobility solutions can accelerate your business. 

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