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Localyse wins Google’s Social impact Award 2022

Localyse is super proud to share that we won Google’s Social Impact Award for our project with Dopper.

Taps to Maps

Not being able to find water taps was one of the main reasons that they were underused, therefore, Dopper asked us to help. Together we put every single water tap in the Netherlands (1872 in total) on Google Maps. Localyse has made it possible for Google Maps users to search for “water tap,” those in their vicinity will be displayed right away. Every time you refill your bottle, you’re preventing the use of a single-use plastic one, helping to reduce plastic waste has never been easier. The campaign was already an enormous success in the first nine days. If you would like to know more: click here.

Google Cloud Sustainability Summit

Two weeks ago, Localyse joined Google Cloud’s Sustainability Summit, where the latest strategies and tools that can help solve climate change challenges were broadly discussed. As stated above Localyse won Google’s Social Impact Award at this summit, furthermore, we were also named most loved Google Cloud partner. We are incredibly grateful that Google awarded us as “most loved Google Cloud partner”. However, for us it’s not so much about that, for us it’s about the mission to which we contribute “advancing the use of reusable bottles”.

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