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The critical role of accurate addresses in your database: Leveraging Localyse in the era of ISO 20022 and ICS2

In today’s data-driven world, the accuracy of address information in business databases is not merely a convenience—it is a critical component of operational success. This importance is further amplified by the advent of global standards such as ISO 20022 for financial messaging and the EU’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2) for customs control. For businesses looking to ensure compliance and efficiency, partnering with a location intelligence provider like Localyse, a Google Maps partner, can be a game-changer.

ISO 20022 and ICS2

ISO 20022 is a global standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions. It streamlines the architecture of financial messaging across different systems, promoting a universal language for financial communications. The standard covers payments, securities trading and settlement, credit and debit card transactions, and other financial information.

ICS2, on the other hand, is a regulatory change introduced by the European Union aimed at enhancing security for goods entering the EU. It requires accurate and timely data submissions about shipments, which includes precise address details for senders and recipients.

Both these standards emphasize the need for high-quality data, especially accurate addresses, which are crucial for ensuring transactions and shipments are processed efficiently and securely.

The importance of accurate address data

The accuracy of address data affects several aspects of a business:

  1. Compliance: Incorrect addresses can lead to non-compliance with regulations like ISO 20022 and ICS2, resulting in fines and operational delays.
  2. Efficiency: Accurate addresses ensure that financial transactions and shipments are processed without delays, which is crucial for maintaining the flow of business operations.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Accurate deliveries and billing directly impact customer satisfaction and trust in a company. More accurate addresses mean less customer churn.
  4. Fraud Prevention: Correct and verified addresses help in detecting and preventing fraud in financial transactions and shipments.

How Localyse can help

As a Google Maps partner specializing in location intelligence, Localyse provides businesses with robust tools to ensure their address data is accurate and compliant with global standards like ISO 20022 and ICS2. Here’s how Localyse can help:

  1. Address Validation: Localyse offers services that validate addresses by checking them against Google Maps’ extensive and continuously updated database. This ensures that the addresses in your database are not only formatted correctly but are also recognized as valid locations.
  2. Geocoding: Convert addresses into geographic coordinates. This is particularly useful for logistics and delivery services, ensuring that goods are shipped to the exact location, thereby adhering to ICS2 requirements.
  3. Risk Management: By integrating location intelligence into risk management frameworks, businesses can better understand geographical risks, including those related to fraud and regulatory compliance.
  4. Data Enrichment: Localyse can enrich your existing address data with additional information, such as demographic data, point of interest (POI) information, and real-time traffic conditions, which can be invaluable for strategic planning and operational adjustments.
  5. Custom Solutions: Localyse’s expertise as a Google Maps partner allows them to offer customized solutions that fit specific business needs, helping companies navigate the complexities of ISO 20022 and ICS2 compliance effectively.


In the context of ISO 20022 and ICS2, the cost of inaccurate address data can be high, impacting everything from operational efficiency to regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. Leveraging the expertise and technologies offered by Localyse not only helps in maintaining high-quality data but also empowers businesses to enhance their operational and compliance frameworks. As global standards evolve and the demand for precision in data increases, partnerships with location intelligence experts like Localyse will become increasingly crucial for businesses aiming to thrive in a competitive market.

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