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AFAS – Digital relocation AFAS Software and AFAS theater Leusden

AFAS Software is a family business full of passion when it comes to customers and inspiring entrepreneurs. They develop innovative software products for the business market and are happy to take their social responsibility in doing so. With more than 500 employees and 12,000 customers, they especially do not want software to be considered an “emotionless product” or a “boring” sector. AFAS Software wants to bring people together and share inspiration. How can this be better than by having your own theater?

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Digitally navigate 30.000 visitors to the right location

AFAS Software and the new AFAS Theater are now in a new location. In order for the expected 30,000 visitors to travel to the new locations, it was important that everything is correctly displayed in Google Maps. Because of the entire relocation, there was no time to lose and it was important to act quickly and accurately.

Jacco Faaij

Marketing Manager - AFAS

“Inspiratielaan is a new street, specially added for AFAS, thanks to the municipality. For the first time, we are dealing with two addresses (AFAS Software and AFAS Theater) and the new street. This combination made it very difficult to implement the current adjustments in Google Maps.”

Google Maps is the most used navigation tool of our visitors

The focus was on adapting Google Maps because it contains the valuable data of the POIs (Points of Interest) themselves. Jacco Faaij: “Google Maps is the most commonly used navigation tool in our visitors’ journey. It is therefore crucial that this is well organized. ”

Drilling into data tracked from mining and construction equipment 5 Drilling into data tracked from mining and construction equipment 4

With the launch of Localyse’s new service Improve Google Maps, AFAS Software was triggered and informed right on time. Localyse has not only placed the POIs on the right place, but also adjusted the entire contours. As a result, the map corresponds to reality and ensures recognisability on the road. New roads have been added, building contours added, water features added, the correct POIs moved and translated, wrong locations removed and the car route to AFAS Software or AFAS Theater always leads to the correct parking garage at the locations. For now, the adjustments will ensure that AFAS colleagues will be able to find each other and hopefully in 2021 (if corona permits) the expected 30,000 theater visitors will be able to take their improved Google Maps trip to the AFAS Theater.

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