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Amelisweerd – Municipality of Utrecht & estate Amelisweerd

Every municipality or location manager wants visitors to arrive happily at their destination without delay. Think of attractions such as a shopping area, museum, castle, amusement park, a hotel, star restaurant, etc. Most trips for a “day out” nowadays start with Google Maps. It is important to ensure that the facilities in the municipality or the commercial location can be easily found within Google Maps. But what if the information in Google Maps is suddenly incorrect and people are sent wrong and get a fine because they drive somewhere where this is not allowed?

Estate Amelisweerd speaking about their experiences

Do you want to quickly solve these problems? Then make sure you get in touch with us so that we can help you on your way with adjusting the public Google Maps. There are various optimizations that Localyse can perform to make your location easier to find and reach within Google Maps. Below the most common improvements:

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Localyse is a Google Maps Premier partner who, with their services, contributes to Google Maps and its accuracy. Where previously they were mainly concerned with the technology of the Google Maps Platform. This is a huge outcome for many companies. It often happens that Google Maps does not properly display their location or information. Adjusting the company information and opening hours, and adding locations are still matters that entrepreneurs can solve themselves. But how do you change Google Maps or how can you change a route or change street names?

Gonny Thijssen

Communication advisor Center Municipality of Utrecht

Thanks to Localyse, the new stretch of restored canal was published very quickly in Google Maps. Adding the 360-degree images turned out to be not that easy. But thanks to Localyse’s persistence, we managed to get the images online, so that people can sail over the canal from home. Very cool!

Help! How do I change Google Maps?

This was urgently needed for the Veldkeuken estate and restaurant in Utrecht. Their online visibility in Google Search and Google Maps was not the problem, the problem was their accessibility. It often happened that their customers were fined because they reached the destination via a walking route through the forest and parked the car in the wrong place. “How do I change Google Maps?” Asked the owner of Veldkeuken restaurant. The Municipality of Utrecht also saw the situation escalate via Google Maps. It was annoying for everyone, the forest rangers, the pedestrians and the motorists who were inspected on the assembly line. Localyse was called in. They ensured that the route was changed on Google Maps and that customers of Veldkeuken could find the right parking space and a fine was saved by no longer driving through the forest. Both the Municipality of Utrecht and Veldkeuken were more than satisfied with the solution: “It is all clearer and better organised.”

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