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De Nieuwe Bibliotheek Almere: Guide your visitors with Indoor Maps and improve customer experience

Did you know that a lost customer in your building can lead to lower conversions? With indoor mapping and navigation, you make sure this no longer happens. In addition, by offering indoor navigation, you create a better experience which contributes to a positive customer journey. We look back at a project we carried out for De Nieuwe Bibliotheek in Almere. Here, Localyse deployed indoor mapping and navigation to support visitors to the library during their visit.

de nieuwe bibliotheek

Indoor Mapping

The Indoor Map is an extension to the regular maps for the outdoor environment that almost all mobile phone users are familiar with and intuitively use. Equipped with  the Google Maps base map, the highly recognisable and most widely used navigation map worldwide.

Whereas outdoor maps often stop at the front door, this is not the case with the Indoor Map. With indoor mapping, the building inside is also mapped in detail so that visitors can easily determine their location with the map in hand.

In addition, indoor navigation distinguishes itself by not using GPS (the blue dot on the map), due to poor signal reception in buildings. The indoor map now offers the possibility to navigate to and within De Nieuwe Bibliotheek from anywhere in Almere (and beyond).

De Nieuwe Bibliotheek

In the case of the library, all areas accessible to visitors were mapped. A link was also provided to bookcases and rooms. This allows users to search the catalogue via computer or their smartphone for a book, for example, and then enter the location where the book is located (the bookcase) as a destination in the indoor navigation app.


Success indicators for Indoor Mapping

A number of factors are important for a successful implementation of Indoor Maps. We summarise the most important ones:

The advantages of Localyse Indoor Maps

Localyse’s Indoor Map can easily be integrated within your own app or website. In addition, the Indoor Map can possibly be supplemented with indoor positioning (the blue dot), although this is often not even necessary for a good experience. The Indoor Map comes with a Google Maps base map so that visitors can immediately benefit from the optimal user experience. Moreover, you can easily make changes within the map yourself using the content management system (CMS) provided.

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