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Localyse as Micpoint’s map advisor

Micpoint is a company which offers (cloud) solutions for: fleet management, vehicle security and animal registration. Besides that, the company has a particular origin story, it came forth from a bet, fast forward 30 years, it’s a thriving family business. Their portfolio includes respectable clients such as Koninklijke BAM, Alliander, Vodafone Ziggo,…

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Optimizing data leak prevention with location intelligence

Micpoint automates certain processes to provide a safe and trusted environment for their customers. The major benefit that comes with automating these processes, is data leak prevention. However, Micpoint was looking for a way to optimize their automation processes.

Eagerly, Localyse wanted to help, we introduced several map providers out of which Anymap was the best fit for Micpoint. This tool allows Micpoint’s users to obtain address data in milliseconds through geocoding which means, better data leak prevention. Furthermore, Anymap runs on Google Cloud’s platform which means the retrieved data is always reliable. In addition, Micpoint is now able to gather address data twice as quickly as the previous map provider.

Localyse’s expert guidance

As stated above we brought forth multiple map providers for Micpoint to choose out of. However, Anymap was the perfect fit for Micpoint because it met Micpoint’s needs perfectly.

Frank Leemkuil

Micpoint BV

Localyse gave us space to test multiple map providers. Thanks to  the hybrid Anymap and expert guidance from Localyse, we found a map solution that seamlessly meets our needs in terms of functionality, performance and price.

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