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Localyse creates magic widget for Breda

Breda is a lively (and lovely) city and municipality in the southern part of the Netherlands. It’s the perfect getaway if you want to relax and get to know Dutch culture a bit more. There are plenty of interesting museums, renowned art galleries, amazing restaurants etc.

Breda logo

Google Maps powered widget

Breda was looking for a tool that allows you to view specific points of interest in the city. Eagerly, Localyse wanted to help. We created an easy to use widget which allows users to filter through certain points of interest such as: public bathrooms, parkings, water taps and many more. Important to know is that this widget also makes it incredibly easy to see which interest points are accessible to people with a disability. 

The coming months there will be many events taking place in Breda, including a stage of the cycling tournament La Vuelta! That’s why we embedded the widget into several event- and point of interest-websites like the Stedelijk MuseumWelkom in Breda and more to facilitate visitors of these events in an inclusive and accessible way.

Not solely for Breda

Localyse created this widget for the city of Breda, however, this tool can be integrated on other websites as well.

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