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Monizze – Intuitive Google Maps map with clustering

Monizze, a Belgian SME initiative, is a 100% digital Fintech company. Monizze connects individuals and companies by developing management and transaction platforms that contribute to their well-being and efficiency. Monizze develops integrated solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our various target groups: meal, eco and gift vouchers. In 2015, Monizze joined Up Group, n°3 worldwide, in the special payment voucher market. Monizze has since exceeded the counter of 50,000 customers, ranging from large companies such as KBC, Colruyt, Alken Maes and Comeos to SMEs and the self-employed. We are happy to let Monizze talk about our collaboration here.

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The necessary expertise for a dynamic map solution

Google Maps has been around for 5 years; we used this to show where Monizze vouchers can be used by means of a digital map. Customers usually look at the map each time vouchers are issued to see where they can consume them. The card solution was in need of replacement. At first, Monizze turned to another party, but it soon found that there was insufficient knowledge and expertise. So Monizze found Localyse, and they first conducted an audit of the Google Maps APIs implementation. This quickly showed that many improvements could be made. From there, Localyse made the necessary optimisations in a short time—the result was a user-friendly and intuitive Google Maps map with clustering.

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Jean- Louis Van Houwe

Jean- Louis Van Houwe

CEO of Monizze

“Thanks to our partnership with Localyse, Monizze can offer its more than 800,000 employees, who receive social benefits from their employers, a new and user-friendly portal to find the best shop to spend their Monizze vouchers in our extensive network of more than 55,000 merchants”

From a static to an interactive map


We received many comments at the time of the ‘old’ map, which ran on a WordPress website. Users commented that it was not user-friendly. Moreover, the map was not aligned with our goal: to be a digital scale-up. So that includes a modern, well-functioning Google Maps integration. Besides consumers, our own salespeople also use this application regularly. During sales meetings with potential customers, they show where the employees of the prospect can use their Monizze vouchers. So it was not only crucial for consumers to change but internally for our sales team as well.


On top of that, little interaction was possible with the old map. Now there is a nice dynamic map where you can apply filters. It works very dynamically and quickly. Moreover, the clustering of markers also gives an overview of the providers in the region. Indeed, if we were to show them all via a pin on the map, the map would disappear completely. Finally, Localyse still offers us advice in further modernising and fine-tuning our Google Maps integration.

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Because the old map didn’t work properly, we used to get a lot of negative calls from our customers. Thanks to the Google Maps Platform, we received 200% fewer calls to our customer service department about the acceptance network map. Since the implementation, Monizze is achieving higher satisfaction scores from both the sales team and consumers. We also see a much more stable environment with no crashes, outages or loading issues. We are even looking at how to expand current services on the map.

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