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More accurate navigation to and within Kleefse Waard on Google Maps

Kleefse Waard Industrial Park, located in Arnhem, is home to numerous energy-related businesses. However, despite its significance, the industrial park faced challenges in terms of accurate navigation in Google Maps. This case study elucidates the issues encountered and the solutions implemented to enhance navigation accuracy to- and within the industrial park.


1. Inaccurate route guidance


Google Maps frequently supplied incorrect information when guiding users from locations outside the park to a business situated within its boundaries. 

Google Maps users were directed beyond a gas station to a gate inaccessible to the public, resulting in significant issues, particularly for trucks. They were forced to reverse and maneuver at the gas station exit, leading to road damage and hazardous traffic conditions.


We modified the map to prevent any navigation through the gate. As a result, users are now directed through the front entrance, eliminating the need for unnecessary turns near the gas station. Additionally, this adjustment saves fuel and prevents further damage to the road.





Entrance before:

Scherm afbeelding 2024 04 29 om 13.31.07

Entrance after:

Scherm­afbeelding 2024 04 29 om 13.31.07

2. Incomplete mapping data


Certain areas within the industrial park were not accurately represented on Google Maps, leading to difficulties in locating specific businesses or facilities.


Users can easily navigate to any location within Kleefse Waard without encountering any issues.






Established companies are more motivated to update their own company profiles.

  • “With an appointment confirmation on the domain, we send along a QR code to open the gate. With that, we now also send Google route advice along with it.”
  • “We have avoided problems during our events that attract an average of 450 visitors. These visitors now have a much better customer journey.”
  • “We have far fewer questions about finding the destination. There are also fewer trucks getting stuck. To be completely sure of optimal traffic flow, we awarded Localyse the 2nd contract to also update Tomtom, OSM and HERE. This is mostly what trucks use.”
Maurice den Biesen

Maurice den Biesen

Business developer/Project manager

“Google sent our visitors to a wrong entrance. I asked Localyse to correct Google Maps so that everyone would enter our business park through the main entrance. When I returned from my holiday, Localyse had already set everything right. We didn’t expect it that quickly. Now that everything is right, the established companies are motivated to update their own POIs as well.”

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