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Laadinfra 2022 – Charging Location data

Last Tuesday, the 22st of march, Localyse was present at the ‘Laadinfra 2022 congres’ in De Doelen in Rotterdam. If you are wondering why Localyse was there? More reasons than you may think! 

Localyse is active in similar sectors and branches as the charging station sector. And being there, we realized there are even more connections between the sector and our field of work. 

The future plans by governments are super ambitious. The market is growing faster than ever and to reach the goals of 2025, 2030 and even 2035 there is a lot to be done. 

While the goals are ambitious we see that the location data component is getting more and more relevant. 

Questions like, ‘where do I put my next charging station as a company?’ And ‘how can I make sure my clients find my charging stations the fastest?’ are more important than ever. 

Those two questions were the backbone of our presentation. We showed two cases of clients and how you make sure the location data is working for you as a company.

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