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Localyse: 2023, A Year in Review

As we close this year, we reflect on these milestones with pride and gratitude. Our journey through 2023 has been one of growth, innovation, and success. In the first place we would like to thank YOU – our customers – for your trust & collaboration in 2023.  We look forward to keep inspiring you how location intelligence enables you to accelerate the digital transformation of your business in 2024.

March: Becoming an Authorized Reseller of Google Earth Engine

The year kicked off with an exciting development in March. Localyse became an authorized reseller of Google Earth Engine, enhancing our repertoire of location-based services. Our team demonstrated exceptional expertise in Google Earth Engine technology, culminating in a successful presentation to the Google Earth Engine team in Paris. This achievement not only marked our expertise but also expanded our service offerings, positioning us as a leading Google Cloud partner in the Benelux region​​.

We’ve also launched our first reference case of Rijkswaterstaat that used Google Earth Engine: 

April: Recognition and Collaboration

April was a month of recognition and insightful collaboration for Localyse. We started the month by being featured in VOKA’s latest magazine, celebrating our commitment to innovation and excellence​​. This was followed by a notable interaction where our colleague Michiel Van Hove from Geo Mobility engaged in an exclusive interview with Lydia Peeters, discussing the future of mobility and the challenges in this sector​​. Furthermore, our colleagues from Geo Mobility were featured in FOKUS Online magazine, a testament to our collaborative efforts in revolutionizing urban mobility​​.

VOKA Localyse

June: Launch of the Address Validation API

In June, we launched the Address Validation API, a significant step forward in enhancing user experience in address entry during critical processes such as signup, checkout, or shipping. This new service utilizes Places data powered by the Google Maps Platform, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in address validation and correction, thereby impacting customer experience and operational efficiency​​.

September: Launch of the Google Environment APIs

In September 2023, Localyse introduced the Google Environment APIs, marking a significant stride in sustainability initiatives. These APIs, comprising Solar, Air Quality, and Pollen, leverage Google Maps Platform’s capabilities and artificial intelligence to provide real-time data on solar potential, air quality, and pollen levels. They offer transformative tools for businesses and individuals, contributing to informed decision-making and proactive steps toward a greener future. This launch underscores Localyse’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology for environmental sustainability.

October: Participating in the Google Cloud Summit Benelux

September saw Localyse participate in the Google Cloud Summit Benelux in Amsterdam. As a Google Premier Partner specializing in Location-Based Services, we were excited to be part of this dynamic event, showcasing our expertise and location intelligence solutions that leverage Google Maps, Google Earth Engine, and Google Cloud Platform. The summit was an excellent platform for sharing insights into cloud technology and for networking with industry professionals​​.

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November: Insights from the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

In November, we marked a significant presence at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. This global platform allowed us to share our expertise in location intelligence and smart city growth. We showcased our range of solutions for making cities smarter and more connected, underlining our commitment to urban innovation and sustainability.​

December: Google Maps Partner Summit in London

In December 2023, Localyse attended the Google Maps Partner Summit in London, a significant event for Google Maps partners from EMEA and LATAM. The summit was a valuable opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and learning about the latest advancements in the Google Maps ecosystem. Key takeaways included the emphasis on sustainability as a crucial goal, the introduction of new features in the Google Maps Platform, and the role of Google’s Mobility Solutions in enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. This event underscored the importance of data and AI/ML in shaping future technological solutions.


2023 has been a remarkable year for Localyse, marked by significant achievements and milestones. As we look back, we celebrate the progress and success that our team has made over the past year. Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride!

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