Most trips for a “day out” nowadays start with Google Maps. It is important to ensure that the facilities in the municipality or the commercial location can be easily found within Google Maps. But what if the information in Google Maps is outdated or incorrect and people get wrong navigational advice and could even get a fine because they drove somewhere where this is not allowed?

Visitors experience a negative customer journey when they have to search for the entrance or parking space for a long time and therefore arrive later than planned. The visitor will think carefully about this destination next time. Localyse can ensure that the location is found frictionless with the help of an updated map. This is done through Location Management in Google Maps. Localyse is happy to help make your location digitally findable and more attractive. Also, updating maps and navigation could prevent unsafe traffic situations and cause better traffic flow.

This is where Improve Maps contributes to:

  • ‘Friction-free’ travel advice for road users
  • Improved travel experience due to for example of a more pleasant experience with city, shop or place
  • More grip and influence on road user behaviour
  • Digital Twin is updated with reality
  • Improved accessibility of (public) locations (eg inclusivity and tourism)
  • Safe journey for every road user, fewer accidents.
  • Improved traffic flow (e.g. searching traffic center)
  • Improving the quality of life in the living environment.

Learn more from our customers and how they benefit the improved digital map!

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