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    Google Maps License

    You hustle with questions over the Google Maps licensing model? Just contact Jeffrey or Floris!

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    New: ODIQ

    ODIQ helps municipalities, cities and construction companies to easily calculate & analyze the best possible deviation for roadworks. Discover more

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    Indoor Navigation

    Search, find and navigate indoors! Help your customers find their destination! Discover Google Maps Indoors for large buildings.

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    My Business on maps & search

    You want customers to find you, no matter what device they’re using? Use My Business to promote your products!

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    Location fraud

    Want to prevent fraudulent online business transactions? Checkout our location fraud tool!

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    Address Validation

    You have an incomplete address list and therefore can’t integrate data into your CRM or ERP? Use our autocomplete function to correct errors and missing parts.

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    ETA & Route Optimization

    Predict travel and arrival times for your customers to your business. Live or days or weeks in advance. By bike, car, public transport or walking!

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    Location of Things

    Do you want to visualize the location of your products on Google Maps? Provide superior customer experiences!

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    Geo Marketing

    Identify the ideal location for your next retail outlet, optimize your sales network and improve your revenue. Discover Google Maps Geo Marketing Solutions!

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    Geographic Big Data

    Do you want to create smart maps with your own data? Check out Google Maps ready-to-use and cloud based solutions!

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    GPS Tracking – Track & Trace

    Stop guessing where your people are! You need reliable real-time views on your vehicles or assets? Combine your logistic data with Google Maps tracking solutions!

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    Mobile Workforce Management

    Do you want to increase your SLA’s and lower operational costs? Get an efficient cloud-based solution to manage your mobile workforce with Google Maps for Works!


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